Sun in Pisces 2018

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Sun in Pisces 2018

Welcome to Pisces!!

This may be one of my favorite scopes I’ve ever done… it’s not for everyone and may even trigger some stuff… but Pisces means FLOW business for us. 
As we finish up Aquarius and the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, it’s time to choose and use our illusion. That’s the thing. Everything beyond this moment is an illusion..and even in this moment, things we think of as real… are still illusions based on how we see the world.

Sun in Pisces, like I said, will feel like jumping in a cool body of water compared to the electrical and mental energies we have been sorting through with Sun (and everything) in Aquarius. As we finish up the final hours, remember to tune into your vibration and get it in alignment because that will help you master and choose your illusion!

Rumi is one of my all time favorites and I think out of any energy I’ve ever experienced, he best embodies what it’s like to crave and eventually embody the oneness of the love of the universe. He reminds us to work at least as hard in the invisible (the illusion) as we do in the visible (the lesser known illusion!!)

Part of this process is deeply settling into the now and in your flow, knowing that your vibes are part of what steers your divine flow!

Through the day, the Moon shifts into Aries, igniting the spirit of the new, while the Sun shift into Pisces, gears us down into meditation and day dream mode…
Fairytales and daydreams that connect us to our fantasy are our friends as we work our flow!

Moon square Saturn reminds us that we have to do the work in and through this to balance. It is YOUR response ability what illusion you will choose. It is your response ability for the path and the action that you take. It’s up to you to know when you are in alignment and when you are in resistance of your alignment…


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take a moment and dedicate it to the power of illusions



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