SUN IN PISCES All Signs Scope February 18 2017

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SUN IN PISCES All Signs Scope February 18 2017

Astrological Vibrations February 18 2017 WELCOME TO PISCES! Sun into Pisces, Moon into Sagittarius, Sun Square Moon, Moon Conjunct Lilith (true black moon Lilith)

Ok I did something awesome and magical with the Sun in Pisces… It is time for magic afterall… I went through all the signs and gave you some focus to work on allowing the magical and mystical energy of the integration of Pisces to come in and through you this month! Listen for both your Sun and Rising signs so you can double work the magic 😉
That being said.. it is a time of integration, of union of all the energies we have worked through and completion and understanding of the energies brings us to a place of knowing that we don’t know all and that magic is most definitely afoot! Even though the fool is a time of new beginnings, Pisces represents the time when you’ve reached a certain point in life that you stop worrying about what anyone else thinks… you know enough to know you don’t know everything, and you throw care to the wind.. or more likely into the stream or ocean 😉 and allow yourself to bask in the magic that you can now recognize at work. Can you.. at whatever age you are, surrender to the divine order, the divine flow that comes with Pisces… We can get stuck in illusions of control and beliefs, but if you can let go, trust your soul flow…trust the divine working though you, then this is a very powerful time indeed!
The Moon in Sagittarius may initially be a challenge as it prides itself in knowing, but as it comes into contact with Lilith, the primal rememberance of feminine magic will surge through are carry us beyond belief and into universal flow and magic. As always, it’s up to you how the flow goes.. We learned how to work the vibration with Sun in Aquarius… now let’s let magic light up the vibration and come into wholeness with the all we are….after all… You are the soul of the soul of the universe and your name is love <3

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take a moment and dedicate it to union with the magic


  1. That was beautiful MiMi, thank you. I read this as I’m getting ready for bed and I know I am going to have sweet dreams. You really set the mood for magical dreams for this girl.

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