Twin Flame Acceptance – A Softening

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Twin Flame Acceptance – A Softening

I was asked what stage comes after the running/separation stage in the Twin Flame Journey…

Now I don’t really consider myself an expert on the subject of twins, or the stages, and I stated that I didn’t know, but then said… “acceptance?”

Tonight at yin yoga, I realized that may be the only stage we really need to pay attention to, work through, on this journey.

I have experienced really interesting things since I met my twin… I’ve experienced his ups and downs, moments I would have preferred not to have felt, connections he made, all kinds of energies that had no real connection in my physical reality… I went through my stages of denying and pushing away this energy, attempting desperately to cut the cord and release me… but acceptance was a turning point for me, and continues to be the thing that makes this twisty turney journey handleable. lol (You can read other blogs about this journey here)

You see, you and your twin are a team… like it or not! Realizing this, accepting this, will go a long way in your own personal process. This other person, is you. Is connected to you… always, forever. When you lash out at them, you are lashing out at yourself. When you ignore them, you are ignoring yourself. When you are in pain about your experience, they are in pain too. And likewise, if you are building walls against them, you will experience the hardness of yourself.

If you can accept whatever is at this time, and soften to the energy, you will find your strength. You will find your surrender. Yin yoga is all about this, hence this understanding coming through class tonight, it’s about holding a pose and allowing yourself to soften into in rather than push your way into what your idea of what you should look like is. Release the control, soften, accept, and realize this is strength.

Now a note: This doesn’t mean stick around for destructive behavior… Sometimes the softening can come at a distance. If you are going through intensity with your twin, it can be helpful to reach out for support and to find out what your connection and lessons are.  (I suggest my friend Maya in figuring out what kind of connection you are in..)  You may need temporary distance in order to soften. Just realize, the blame game won’t support your feeling better in this journey, but rather, you can empower yourself by finding what it links to within yourself and your story.

You are supported in this process, you and your twin have planned this together, the universe is at work, doing what is necessary to help you rise in love. Your job, is to accept this process where it is at, and keep working on yourself. Let this journey strengthen you by softening you. You and your twin are a team, you are one. If you can remember that, and treat your twin as an extension of you, even if from a distance, you will find a way to thrive.

here is a video from Maya that I feel supports this energy


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with much soft love



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