Twin Flame Journey What Dreams May Come

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Twin Flame Journey What Dreams May Come

Things don’t always turn out the way we think they should… Many times, the universe has an even better plan if we just work with it.

I’d say my twin flame journey began lifetimes ago… I’ve been working lifetimes into this. When I first met my twin, he said something like he just remembered many lifetimes of looking for something… looking for her.. and my breath caught and I dared to wonder for a second, if I might be her… Before dismissing the idea and moving on in the conversation… But I believe a series of dreams is what made it happen…

In my Things Fall Apart blog, I talked about how a part of this journey is allowing the fall apart to come together… but before I got to that place…even before my fall apart, I had dreams beckoning me into something different.

Starting in about November of 2013 I started having dreams about an ex… We had a long, turbulent, but loving and passionate relationship when I was young. We had been broken up for 9 years at the time these dreams started coming, and I was fully committed and in a relationship…so I was kinda surprised when the kicked in out of the blue… and then kept coming. Weekly or more, I would dream about my ex. And I was finding that through my dreams, I was falling in love with him again?! I didn’t really know what to make of it. We hadn’t spoken in many years, I had no idea how he was or even who he was anymore… and yet I loved him. I didn’t know at that time, but his family was going through a medical journey. I believe that was in part, why his spirit reached out to me on that level…there had been and will always exist somewhere, a very real love between us. I would often wake up smiling from these dreams, remembering how our love had felt and how it had supported me through some crazy times that I had gone through.

In early April of 2015 I was still in that relationship and still having those dreams about my ex. One morning I woke up laughing about the dream I had the night before because it had shown my ex and I driving around Santa Cruz (where I used to live at the time we dated) holding hands, kissing, looking for a house to live in. I was like…well that’s clearly not going to happen… and I let it go..and wondered still.. WHY?!

Well about a week later, suddenly I found myself up in Santa Cruz because my dad had died and reaching out to said ex…because I felt incredibly alone and sad and vulnerable being back “home” and not knowing anyone here anymore. From there… things fell apart and I ended up deciding to stay in Santa Cruz to hold space for my mom as she learned to maneuver through life without my dad at her side.

The dreams about my ex continued. We had a little contact.. but it was pretty clear it wasn’t going anywhere… but the energy was taking me somewhere.

I let what I loved about that relationship lift me up… I Abrahamed it… It didn’t have to mean that it would be him at the next spot on this journey… but the joy, the fun, the connection we had… the play.. OH so important.. the play, and the passion.. that was what I wanted..and was moving me.

I decided to jump into the pond to see who was out there… just to play… and met my twin… very unexpectedly…funny enough, with synchronicity connecting him to my ex. I have an interesting note to make here… I really was NOT thinking twin flame.. didn’t enter my mind to look for that..which I will explain in a later blog. I am curious if I would have thought that my ex who I was dreaming so profoundly about was a twin situation? It never entered my mind though like I said… I have no doubt however though that some part of my ex’s higher self was working in tandem with my higher self… with the universe, to guide me into this next step in the journey. Without it, I may not have had the courage to let go of the old, to let it fall apart…Not without the promise of great love as I was feeling.

I think this is an important lesson on this journey. There are people out there saying.. this is your twin, this is not your twin… A twin would act like this, a twin wouldn’t act like this… it can all get very confusing… But don’t get hung up on what it looks like…Let this energy move you. What comes at the end may look different than what you expected when you set you… Move with the energy, … trust how it is guiding you…THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY… it is no one else’s and no one else can tell you what you are feeling. This journey is ultimately about unconditional love… shift that love focus to yourself, and let it expand you and light you up. Remember..hold on lightly because… I mean after those dreams for years and I ended up living like a mile from my ex, I really thought there was something to it… and I even had psychics telling me there was..and behold there was.. but it was in a different body, different form… and even now…as I maneuver this twin journey.. I don’t know what the outcome will look like… but I’m letting love move me and lift me up…and we’ll see what happens 😉 Let love be your focus and you will focus yourself into a beautiful love starting in yourself and expanding beyond.

That being said… I do advocate Maya KahNah’s readings at … she has her finger on the pulse of this twin journey… I trust her vision when it comes to this… if you need some clarity… if you are in confusion what this soul contract is… let her help guide your process because she does so with such great love!

Listen to your dreams, honor the signs… remember the universe isn’t always literal in it’s depiction of things… but let it move you. Not from figuring it out with the mind.. I’ve decided that’s pretty impossible on this path… but let it move you from your spirit and soul, which is where we really connect. It’s ok not to know and to trust the love. If you are doing your work, if you are loving yourself… it doesn’t matter when it’s taking you… it’s going to be somewhere great.

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