Twin Flame Trust

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Twin Flame Trust

I had an interesting realization today about this twin flame journey I’ve been on. Patience and trust have been major themes on this path. I came to a deeper understanding of trust via this picture I’ve had on my desktop!

I found this picture over a year ago, before I realized the twin flame journey I was on, and had decided that this was the relationship I wanted. This picture felt all kinds of “YES” to me. (ha ha little did I know that I was already embarking on one of the most interesting and intense journeys of my life! I actually also believe this is a process that began before I was born… so to be fair… I’ve been on it for my entire lifetime.. only conscious of it however, recently.)


As I was staring at it today, I realized that the feminine energy, the yin, has her eyes closed, in a moment of complete surrender and trust in the moment. The third eyes are glowing, connected, in union and that aids in the complete sense of trust.

This is the energy of twin flame union, of the ultimate hieros gamos.Β It’s union through trust. It’s union within as well as without. Does the yin in you, know how to close her eyes and trust?

I do believe that trust is an energy of co-creation. First you learn to trust yourself, allow the yin, trust the universe, move with the yang… and then you realize, the other is you, and you can close your eyes and relax into the knowing of this truth… that it already is.





  1. Yes!!! <3<3<3

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! For putting more light on this energy. Although I know what I feel is certain, trusting it is the hardest thing. I forever need to be reminded to do this. To trust this process and surrender in this moment. To be one with the truth of what is. That I am he and he is me. You’re the best Mimi. Shine on bright star! ✌❀

    • aw thank you for the comment. It was a fight for me to get to that point too…. The universe knows what it’s doing..and we as the soul of the soul of the universe know too… if we can just get beyond the head beliefs! πŸ™‚ <3

  3. Perfect! Thank you for being wonderfully vulnerable and sharing this!!

    • aww thank you for all your support on my journey!! <3

  4. ?Such of beautiful paint. Your story is fascinating?

    • wait till I let more of it out.. it’s definitely been a ride!

  5. Nice Mimi! I love it πŸ˜‰ Thank you!

  6. thank you. it is so true, patient and trust, if we can get around the head beliefs

    • oh the head beliefs! I’m gonna be addressing them over time.. I like to keep the blogs short in lil bite sized pieces

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