Twin Flame Weekly Reading July 5 2017 Take Back Your Power

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Twin Flame Weekly Reading July 5 2017 Take Back Your Power

I tend to get quiet when I am processing, and in the last few weeks (months, year…etc) I have been processing a lot about and on this twin flame journey!

I was asked to continue to do weekly twin flame readings… I can make no guarantees as I am so deep in my own personal process that I don’t know how much more I can show up, but here this is this week with a promise to do my best in producing more in the future. ?

I pulled some VERY interesting cards for the twin journey… and they are very timely (you’ll see why that is funny in a minute) as we are building to an intense Full Moon in Capricorn this weekend. (I will post the video Maya and I did for this week’s astro at the bottom of this post as I do feel its very helpful.)

Time is on our side. The universe is on our side. This Full Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation and power – and it is on our side. Interestingly, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is called Father time. I feel that part of the lessons from this Full Moon energy is taking back the power we have given to time. I find myself saying this, and hear it often from twins… It’s been a day, a week, a year, 5 years, 17 years, etc…since I saw my twin, heard from them, etc… Ok. What are you doing with this time you have been given? Are you living? Are you having fun? Are you fully showing up in your lessons? This is how we take back the power from time. Time is definitely an earthly concept that we have allowed to rule our lives. Sure it brings structure – I appreciate that, but so often we will get in a panic based on what the clock or calendar is saying and forget to tune into our own inner wisdom. I offer you this first card for this week in regards to time

This is opportunity to take back this energy and instead of chasing time, find the joy in this moment. This is where your power exists. I really don’t think the universe sits around saying.. ok they must endure for 6 months and then… then it shall be time. It’s more like ok here’s a check list… this is how and where you need to show up in your life… Live these lessons!

The next card goes very well with this time concept! Patience. ha ha… How many of you are sighing because you have heard that word so much on this journey? In previous twin blogs, I have mentioned how much patience is require on this journey… But let me just introduce a lil concept in with this patience. Spirit is rooting for twins to come together… it is part of the natural order that we do come together, but first… we have those lessons to go through, to learn through, and I believe the universe is being quite patient as we are in twin university earning those diplomas. The universe is conspiring for you. It is not holding out on you. Again, the lesson reminds you that you are in charge of how fully you show up for these lessons and in this moment. Are you being true to you?

This card is so perfect with these transformational energies we are working with. It says it on the card itself: “You are able to let the universal energy of transformation move according to its own loving rhythm.” There is that rhythm word again… The time card mentions living day to day in your rhythmic flow. Tuning into the beat of your heart and the pulse of your soul. When you get to that state, it’s not so much about patience but rather enjoying the moment… which leads us to the next card!

Attraction! You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully… There is clearly a theme going on through these cards. Forget the clock, become patient by finding the joy in this moment and in doing so… you become magnetic because you are living the rhythm of your soul dancing through life. This is power… This is a generator that enhances the glow of your love energy.


The final card I offer this week is very important…. I believe it’s pointing at some of the lessons spoken about above that must be lived through. It is the confront card, the moon card, from Psychic Tarot for the Heart. This energy is exactly what the Moon and Pluto are bringing up for us.. Both the Moon and Pluto address shadow energies.  Moon and Pluto coming together in Capricorn are asking us to confront these shadows, these feelings and lessons, that are coming up at this time.

Now we all have Capricorn energy somewhere in our chart, and there is a part of Capricorn energy that is uncomfortable with the shadow. Capricorn likes control. Capricorn likes to feel in charge. Capricorn likes to have its ducks in a row. But this Full Moon wants us to address the ducks that fell out of line… Confront and be willing to look at and hold space for that energy. To fully embrace Capricorn energy at the highest and best we have to take response ability… which means we take this opportunity now to notice where we didn’t respond in a way that was true to ourselves.

The wisdom for this card says, “Introspection and clarity are important at this time. Feelings that have lain dormant are now coming to the surface. They have been part of you subconscious for some time. They’re referred to as your ‘shadow’ self and represent all your fears and delusions regarding matters of the heart. You may have concerns about examining these issues, but know when an issue rises to the surface, it is ready to be faced and healed. Have the courage to acknowledge and confront these newly emerging feelings. Look at them from all sides, and try to determine where they first came from. When and how were they planted in your subconscious?

Question the validity of these feelings. Often they were based on your childhood imagination and are no more than illusions. They are not appropriate for your adult relationships, yet they persist. They’re not based on reality, but they’re powerful influences and can affect your relationships in major ways. They can even prevent a romantic relationship from manifesting.

Have the courage to explore your beliefs and misconceptions about love. You may find that these emerging feelings are based not only on your limited perceptions but, also on what you actually saw or experienced as a child. Know that whatever your reality was then, it does not have to be your reality now. You are no longer that person. Examine these feelings and gain clarity on who you are and what is true for you regarding your relationships. “

In addition there is an affirmation that goes with this card: “I examine my feelings about relationships and release what is no longer my truth.”


This is powerful energy. There is much opportunity for you to show up for yourself. Don’t worry about the time, be in the moment and be willing to feel through that which is coming up. I feel this may be a turning point for those who are willing to show up!

I will, as always be posting daily videos to take us (move us and dance us as lightly as possibly) through the energies… but this is your focus this week twins!


Check out this week’s GPS with Maya and Mimi here!


  1. Father time,, I get it,,, nice writing, lv lv jilly

  2. thanks for bring back the twin flame reading mimi.

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