Twin Flame Yin Yang New Earth Reading

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Twin Flame Yin Yang New Earth Reading

The energy of today brought so many things together… I went to sleep and woke up inspired by Taurus energy which is beginning today… Taurus, bringing us into a greater alignment with our worth and our talents, production… letting the beauty we are be what we do… and enjoying the sensual nature of planet Earth!

I pulled some cards for twins… now I like to label them as yin, yang and composite… because sometimes we can over identify with masculine and feminine, but somehow we remember that we all have some kind of balance of yin and yang within. So in this reading… integrate what you can from all 3 cards… This also matched SO well with a graphic Maya KahNah made… that it felt right to share. I am using Sacred Creator Oracle cards… so perfect with this Taurus energy.


The Yin card is Soul on Fire. Yang card is Unstick the Stuck. The composite energy is Ambush Fear with Your Ferocious Dream. I’m going to insert the graphic Maya made here because it fits SO perfectly with this energy… and then I will go into the Yin Yang energy


Yin energy: SOUL ON FIRE… There is nothing like Shakti fire when it comes to creative energy. This card is reminding us to tune into what creates the yum, the warm feeling within, the passion of living… love and joy… to move forward at this time. Tune into what lights you up and have faith in following that energy where it may lead. This energy has a bit of an impulsiveness to it… not so much planned. (speaking of this… the song, When Love Takes Over just came on… I will post it below!) The message of this card is, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” You’ll notice on the Maya graphic, that we are all in the process of overcoming fear… and the composite card also addresses this…

Yang energy: UNSTICK THE STUCK…Yang energy is what moves us, gives us action and purpose and does not like to feel stuck. Many times what keeps us stuck is the energy of fear. It keeps us holding onto old jobs, relationships, things, etc, that keep us from moving forward, rising into our destiny. This card is a call to action. This card actually brings in some planning, whereas the yin card has an impulsive energy to us. What is your purpose? Where is your destiny calling to you? Where are you holding yourself back from this dream. You may find the answer of what is holding you back is above in the Maya graphic. Focus and small steps are all you need to move you out of this rut.

Composite energy: This is the Yin Yang connection and how we can rise through this energy. My feeling is when yin meets yang, shakti energy meets shiva energy… impulsive soul fire plus planning and steps necessary, there is magic (Divine Union). Maya’s graphic has the New Earth rising above the fears… as we step into our personal divine expressions of yin and yang. To me this card is saying, focus on your dreams more than you focus on your fear. So often we can get caught up in the what-ifs, the maybes, the not enoughs, the brain fodder… and we leave our dreams behind in the dust of those racing thoughts. This card is a reminder that we can rise above the fear… What is it you dream of with your Divine Union? Fear is a threshold marker that we can choose to move through at any time. Especially when we attune to the soul fire shakti energy of the feminine leading us into joy and love, and the direct yang energy of purpose. It is time to rise. I also love in this card is an elephant which always reminds me of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. When love takes over, we all rise.

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